Introducing WedgeTLS - Security, Performance and Design in Harmony.

We set out to invent a new locking system that would set the standard for the industry and excited homeowners.

One that refused to compromise security and performance to achieve compatibility and beautiful design.

One that would provide door manufacturers and pre-hangers a powerful advantage.

Nearly a decade of R&D, hundreds of prototypes, dozens of patents, and extensive testing, WedgeTLS is here.

Replace deadbolts and quirky multi-points with WedgeTLS for a distinctive customer offering.

WedgeTLS enhances performance in residential, schools, government and commercial usage.

Why Wedge TLS?

Best of security, performance and design flexibility for your door system


WedgeTLS outperforms most multi-point locks with the simplicity of a deadbolt operation. Testing achieved 100 DP; with Grade 40 Dynamic Forced Entry and 40% reduction in air infiltration. On every measure, WedgeTLS is a better solution than multi-points or deadbolts.

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Designed to work in every door type, every size and to seamlessly integrate into a new door system. WedgeTLS sits in the door edge and jamb providing the only full length continuous lock and seal that is as protective while locked as it is beautiful while open.

Deflection Protection

Over time, many doors begin to warp and deflect resulting in call-backs and customer dissatisfaction. This is particularly the case for 8' doors or darker colored doors. WedgeTLS provides full-length channel reinforcement on jamb and door edge and will not deflect like flimsy multi-point systems.

Ease of Use

Homeowners know how to use deadbolts, that's why we designed WedgeTLS to operate the same way. No spinning knobs or complex levers. WedgeTLS locks and unlocks just like a deadbolt, with a standard keyed lock.

No Maintenance

Call-backs on door systems are costly and a major driver of customer pain. WedgeTLS is maintenance free and tested to hundreds of thousands of cycles and is designed to last the lifetime of the door system. WedgeTLS keeps the door and frame in perfect alignment for smooth lock action.

Handle Choice

WedgeTLS design is open and compatible with many market leading handle sets for a deadbolt. Thumb latch, knob or lever, from Schlage, Taymor, Rocky Mountain or Philadelphia Hardware, your customer can select from hundreds of available handle sets, at the time of installation.

Electronic Lock Support

Homeowners are adopting many of the electronic lock products in the market, all of which are designed to work with deadbolts. WedgeTLS is highly compatible with many electronic locks as it does not require any additional torque or power than a standard deadbolt.

Designed in the USA, Protected by Patents Worldwide.

The first major innovation in residential security locking systems in decades. Designed to be the new way to secure homes worldwide.

WedgeTLS installs simply onto a routed door edge and a routed jamb. Our unique design provides anodized aluminum reinforcement on both the door and the jamb, providing perfect alignment and a continuous lock and seal along the entire door edge.

While engaged, WedgeTLS locks tightly, dramatically reducing air & sound infiltration and providing a nearly unbreakable lock.

The simplicity of the design allows it work with a standard keyed deadbolt or electronic lock.

Your Door Program

why you should integrate wedge tls with your door sales

Easy Installation

We utilize a standard deadbolt dual-bore system with the addition of two groves and an installation cycle time shorter than multi-point locks.

No Maintenance

Unlike finicky multi-point systems, WedgeTLS is designed to operate maintenance free, much like a deadbolt. The door system maintains alignment for lifetime performance.

Prevent Warping

Tall? Strong sunlight? Dark Colors? Weather challenges? Our rigid box design for both the door edge and jamb, provide perfect alignment and lifelong warp prevention, even on 8' doors. 

Improves Door System

By joining the door and jamb in one continuous seal, WedgeTLS reduces air infiltration by 40% while nearly eliminating light and sound gaps. Offered in Bull Nose and Standard Edge. WedgeTLS makes your door system better.

Beautiful Design

The WedgeTLS edge provides a beautiful and clear reminder to the homeowner that they are protected. Its clean edge and with several color options, WedgeTLS looks great with any door style and any door finish.

Unmatched Security

The benchmark test for security is ASTM F476-14 and WedgeTLS surpassed its maximum rating of Grade 40. We don't think it is possible to kick in or batter in a WedgeTLS door, but test it yourself. We double dog dare you.

Sell More Doors

WedgeTLS provides your door system with the best possible performance and design providing you a competitive advantage in the market. WedgeTLS makes your door offering better.

Handle Compatibility

Your customers want the broadest choice of handle styles (knob, thumblatch or lever) and providers (Schlage, Rocky Mountain Hardware and several others)

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WedgeTLS is available to select Door manufacturers and Pre-hangers.  Find out more about the performance, testing, security and advantages of WedgeTLS for your door program.

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